What Products Do We Make Under The Banner Of Belboa?

Belboa has been serving the citizens of Australia for a quite long time. We have been offering the stitching and making of any kind of uniforms. We have been specialized in making customised uniforms for companies, schools, college, universities, firms etc. We provide good quality of fabric to our customers. To satisfy all the needs of our customers, we offer them good prices. Unlike others, we do not believe in providing the average quality products, we believe in providing fine quality products. The printing and the colours have the best results. There is no fading of colours or coming out of printing from the uniform after a wash.

We have a huge chain of a satisfied customers because we fulfil all their demands and requirements according to the taste and choices. We never make delays in sending the deliveries. We also welcome their queries and if something wrong happens, we accept that with open heart and offer an option of alteration so that they always get satisfied from us.

The Shop:

We make many products as a uniform. The name of the products is given below.


The shirts are a necessary part of a uniform. It can be worn with trousers as well as shorts. Soccer uniform usually go with shirt and shorts. A shirt has a name, number, logo, the name of a company ho has sponsored the match and other relevant information written on it. The fabric is latest sports team hoodies in Melbourne and can be customised according to the choice of customers.


The trousers have to be comfortable. We specially make comfortable trousers for our clients because during matches we need comfortable trousers. We need to run, jump, sit and stand. So, we need something that is super comfortable.


In winters, we have to wear jackets. Even sports person wear jackets during their matches. It is like a short with the warm material. The material of a jacket is being chosen by the clients. We make as per their demands with the prints, logo, name and number on it.


Netball dresses and custom soccer jerseys Melbourne usually consist of short. Many sports prefer shorts especially indoor games. When there are matches in hot weather people like to wear shorts so that they can give their 100% and win the match easily.


We also make socks. Some people like to wear long boots socks whereas other people prefer normal length socks. We make them customised. The colour and the designs accompany the shirt and a trouser.

We have a website in which you can see all our collection along with the other relevant information about us. Visit our website now.

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